2012: The DCinema Year of…

Barco has brought a somewhat mainstream 3D audio system into the market after years of Iosonno and immsound plowing the ground. Building on Dolby’s work to fill the void in large stadium-seating auditorium venues, this Auro-3D system seems to have some momentum. Barco | Digital cinema | 3D sound | 3D sound technology for digital …

Meanwhile, IMAX and Laser Light Engines still promise laser driven projectors this year. Barco showed their work-in-progress last month getting 22 ftL on a 70+ foot screen. (More data coming.) RED made rumblings last year about an imminent release, though they have been redefining what imminent means. Regardless, laser will soon be mainstream. This year?

Alternative Frame Rates took the stage with James Cameron demonstrating how in tune the drum was that he has been pounding for years – that higher resolution was well and good, but not as well and good as higher frame rates. What we know is that the Hobbit will be released in 48 frames per second and Pandora II will be in 60…when it arrives.

What else? Maybe this will be the year that alternative content starts showing the promise it held in making up for the huge increase in equipment costs of the digital world?

What else, or which?

Maybe it is just the year of Catchin’ Up. The frame rate should have been 48 frames from the beginning, but who knew? (…or could do it until now?_) Audio should be more refined for the larger spaces and voids of stadium seating, for alternative content and for the room next door. And getting rid of the heat sucking xenons for lasers? … not a moment too soon. This year will also finally see the conversion to the SMPTE standard from the InterOp standard. Hopefully no one outside the projection booth will notice.

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