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3D Ethics–Imagine Imagina 2010

Officially, it is designed to create a shared ‘operating manual’ for all product developers and users, defining the context, aims and criteria for the use and representation of 3D data. In reality, the ethics tool is aimed to create an authorized use for a ‘3D OK’ logo, so that if you hire an architect (for example), they will certify that all the drawings that they create will originate from other 3D  OK derived documents. The docs will have metadata associated with it, and if the project is 3D OK, all the metadata will say 3D OK as well.

In an age when anyone can bring data into Google Sketch-up, it is clear that professionals need an ethical framework in territory management, that 3D data can allow realistic digital mock-ups to be created with a policy for implementation. Thus, communication, public consultation and project management tools  can be relied upon as they correspond to actual sites and that can be used in urban, countryside and transport infrastructure projects. This helps put governmental bodies on a par with corporate levels of funding, which helps bolster long term planning for communities.

The link is only in French:

A horrid english translation can be gotten at Google. The originators expect to have official German and English documents in é weeks from the signing.

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