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And Over In This Corner…CinemaCon Interesting 2015

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The inevitability of lasers in the projector and more encompassing audio on the walls have dominated much of the conversation for the last few years, taking over for the plateau’d 3D. It would have been nice if the whole world didn’t have to get stuck in the mire of ‘not enough light’ that the 3D technology got stuck in, generating so many claims of gimmick and fraud. Hope kind of prevailed before logic, but most likely the new generation of movie-goers will forgive and forget.

And already there is new parties at the laser table – Power Technology, Inc will be attracting attention at Booth 2824. This a mature company in other markets which is introducing products that put laser illumination

Over at Cinema Equipment and Supplies is a feature that anyone interesting in Quality Assurance will want to see: Cielo. The separation between management and the tech details of a facility is finally breached – look for it at Booth 819F.


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