Appeals Judgement in DCN VPF…

The case is, in one sense, rather straight forward and is well described in the attached press release regarding the Federal appeals court finding. A full reading of the court document is interesting as well since it describes more of the story as the appeals judge had to review the entire proceeding in only a few pages. The case law doesn’t sound that much different than what one would expect from most ‘Western” countries. The official court link to this case can be found at:

On the other hand, as the industry turns the corner toward full implementation of digital around the world, this still leaves a mess of a negotiation for settlement by OmniLab with digitAll [not DCN – correction from earlier draft–Ed], then a return to the table of the independent exhibitors to strike a deal with the studios still offering VPF deals. So, there is still more to the story to pay attention to.

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