Avatar at Arcadia - 3D at its finest

Avatar in Arcadia – 3D can’t get larger


Pierro, how do you get so much light to the screen? Do the pictures completely overlap, or are they two halves put together?

Do you put sub-titles only on one projector?

Do your clients talk to you about 3D in the home? Do they appreciate being with 500 other people to watch a film like this? Or do they expect to see it in their home theater? Do you sell Blu-ray and DVD’s in your store?

Are you showing 3D in any of your other rooms? Are they also XpanD?

You have several years of experience with expensive 3D glasses (instead of throw-aways, such as RealD.) What is your experience with theft or destruction.  

Have you estimated the cost of washing the glasses? the long term cost of glasses?

There are more 3D movies coming. Do you see the situation when several 3D movies will be playing at the same time? Can Arcadia handle this?

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