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Call for Presentations – HPA Tech Retreat

Presentations: Main-program presentations must be technology-related but can relate to any characteristic of motion-image, sound, and related fields, including (but not limited to): acquisition, storage, processing, distribution, presentation, test & measurement, perception, 3-D, interactivity, metadata, mobile, cinema, broadcast, internet, law & regulation, workflow, archives, asset management, content security, hardware, software, convergence, history, future, etc.  They may be individual or joint presentations, panels, tutorials, etc.  Main-program presentations are not to be marketing or sales pitches.

No formal proposal is required.  A line or two of description is usually sufficient (if it isn’t, you will be contacted for more info).  No “paper” is ever required.  Presenters are encouraged (but not required) to post material on the HPA web site before, during, and after the event.

Presentation slots are nominally 30 minutes long, including set-up and Q&A.  Longer (especially for panels) and shorter slots can be accommodated before the schedule is finalized.  Once time slots are finalized, they are STRICTLY enforced.

The selection process involves not only what is in a proposal but also trends that seem to be identified by other submissions and comments.  Rejection does not necessarily have anything to do with the proposed presentation’s quality.  We usually receive about six times more proposals than can be accommodated.

Proposals that are accepted give the presenter/moderator/panelist a substantial discount on full-event registration.  There is no charge for a presenter to attend her or his session.

The deadline for main-program submissions is October 23.  Final decisions are expected by mid-November.

Breakfast Roundtables:

These are literally round tables at which event participants eat breakfast.
Each is numbered, and the numbers relate to a particular topic.  Breakfast roundtables are available on Thursday and Friday mornings.  They begin at 7:30 am and last for one hour.

Any registered participant may moderate a breakfast roundtable on any motion-image and sound-related topic until we run out of tables (around 30 each day).  Moderators may lecture, ask questions, mediate fights, etc.  Anything goes at breakfast roundtables (including marketing pitches).  Topics and even moderators may be changed for assigned tables up to the last minute, but, once a table is assigned, it must be covered.  Because there is no selection process for the roundtables (first-come, first served), they do not provide any discount, and moderators must be registered for the full conference.

There is no deadline for breakfast-roundtable submissions, but, when the tables run out, they run out.

Demo Area:

There is a separate selection process for the technology demo area.  It has not yet begun.  Check the HPA web site beginning in November.


Those interested in sponsoring some portion of the retreat should contact HPA Executive Director Eileen Kramer.  There is no relation between sponsorships and presentations, breakfast roundtables, or demo space.


Please send all proposals for main-program presentations and breakfast roundtables to Mark Schubin <tvmark at that earthlink dot com place>.  You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement.  If you do not receive the acknowledgement, your proposal has probably not been received.

ALL PROPOSALS MUST COME FROM THE PROPOSED PRESENTER OR MODERATOR.  Proposals may be prepared by PR firms, but the submission MUST come from the person who will do the presentation or moderating.  Sorry, but we have been burned in the past by people who think it would be a good idea (without checking) for their boss or client to make a presentation.

Comments on topics that should be of most interest are also welcome to assist in the selection process.  Unfortunately, we cannot put together panels; if you’d like to see one on a particular topic or featuring a particular group, please try to wrangle it yourself.

New This Year:

Ralph Brown, Chief Technology Officer of CableLabs, the joint cable-industry orghanization, will join the other CTOs and directors of engineering.


Main HPA web site: http://www.hpaonline.com
HPA contacts: http://www.hpaonline.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=21780&orgId=hopa
FAQs: http://www.hpaonline.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=23995&orgId=hopa
2010 retreat: http://www.hpaonline.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=89641&orgId=hopa
Retreat hotel: http://www.rancholaspalmas.com/

If you have any questions (AFTER reading the FAQs), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone in any form.



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