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Storage. It wasn't that long ago that trying to get a 9 Gig RAID working on a sophisticated LAN was monumental, if not impossible. 9 years perhaps?

Now, terabyte drives are here. Enough to go with holographic storage soon?

The MatrixStore Enhances P2 Experience – IBC PR

Objective Matrix for P2 MemoryObject Matrix, a provider of data storage software, has today installed its MatrixStore product into the Panasonic P2 Live customer experience centre. Located in the heart of the famous Shepperton Studios, the centre is aimed at providing clients with a fully integrated, live, tapeless workflow.

Panasonic’s P2 HD range of recording equipment is designed to provide a fully digital workflow for companies creating video. The P2 Live customer experience centre is a demonstration area where potential customers can see how the various different products work together to produce a fully digital workflow, from the initial high definition filming through editing and post production and then into archiving. Object Matrix’s MatrixStore is one of the archiving tools available and is now on show at the P2 Live centre.


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