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Artist’s Intent Exposed~! See it here first. Where? In the cinema, the temporary home provided by exhibitors.

OLED Screens with Audio – Not Cinema…Yet

Cinema exhibition technology seems to move fast and confusingly. For example, laser light technology seemed to be a natural evolution for putting more light on every screen – promises of cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, and better looking were true but well, not exactly cheaper to buy AND better looking…well, you get the idea. And the manufacturers put so much into R&D that we shouldn’t be surprised if they show up in 10 x 20 booths at CinemaCon. 

But our brothers in the consumer side are having to juggle the worst of possible needs and potentials with lagging interchange standards and the presumption of magic…but don’t try this or that without a 2.1 HDMI label on everything and even then you are not going to get what you think you want. And, there is a constant flood of new everything.

The latest was LG announcing today that they are introducing a whole line of Video panels that also vibrate out the sound. It was bound to happen since we saw similar things with the Sony Bravia variation (XBR-A1E) – using an LG OLED screen – for home theaters that is a little larger than 6 feet diagonal. Not quite cinema, but these things lead to modularity and it has been conjectured that LG would be entering the  

This isn’t what went through the DCI certification process last September, the Sony CLDC-11. That is a 5.1 m wide by 2.7 m high display up of 78 ZRD-2 modules and two ZRCT-100 Display Controllers. There is also a couple of boxes which could be dual purposed, e.g., the XCT-Z11 Secure Processing Box and the CPU-450 Projector Secure Silicon Module, and the SPB1 (Granada) Media Block and the Nexguard Forensic Marking system. 


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