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If a few bits disappear, the oil company has to take tons of equipment back to the source and measure the sub-terrain again. The same production and post…except you ain't gonna get Clark Gable back to the shoot again.

LTO-5 Basics

LTO 5 Chart SmallLTO-5 became officially available this year, with products coming fast from the large suppliers IBM, HP and Quantum (the originators of the open format standard), Sony, Oracle/Sun and Spectra Logic. Drives are easily available from Dell, reselling from other manufacturers such as Quantum’s LTO-5 Half-Height Drive and Qualstar’s smaller library systems.

LTO-5 can read and write in the previous LTO-4 format, and read the LTO-3 format, while maintaining speeds and capacities that nearly double the LTO-4. As a side note, there is an industry association named Ultrium, whose website has more data than one would want to sift through…surprisingly, nothing negative at all–though it is hard to find much negative about the technology as it has evolved.


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nano giga tera bytes

nano storage – Our memory device consists of a crystalline iron nanoparticle enclosed in a multiwalled carbon nanotube.  The nanotube can be reversibly moved through the nanotube by applying a low voltage, “writing” the device to a binary state represented by the position of the nanoparticle.  The state of the device can then be subsequently read by a simple resistance measurement.

Thus begins the abstract that introduces a natural in the storage industry, more density, but with the twist of longer life. From a quick review, it appears that the density increase over current magnetic media is less than an order of magnitude, but the lifetime of expected durability is 4 orders of increase.

The post production archive industry would be the beneficiary of this leap. Estimates by the Arts and Science group at the Academy give film the nod over magnetic media since the latter constantly has to be refreshed.

For an excellent synopsis of the problem, see Jerry Pierce’s write-up: Digital Canary in the Coal Mine.

And, for the full Academy Report, see:  The Digital Dilemma | Science & Technology Council | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences


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