CinemaCon 2012 Schedule Online [Updated]

International Day and Kickoff Party on 23 April mark their usual spots, but there are some interesting panels on Monday, with some good speakers;


Digital Cinema 2.0: The New Frontier and What Lies Ahead

This 9:30 AM Opening morning presentation has been updated. The line up is terrific:


“Digital Cinema 2.0: The New Frontier and What Lies Ahead”

Moderator: Mark Christiansen, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Paramount



Steve Weinstein, CEO, Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.

Joe Hart, Sr. Vice President, Deluxe Digital Cinema

Christiane Ducasse, President, Smartjog USA

Curt Behlmer, Senior Vice President, Digital Cinema, Technicolor

Paul Holliman, Vice President – Distribution Administration and Operations, Walt Disney

Studios Motion Pictures

Drew Kaza, Executive Vice President Digital Development, Odeon UCI Cinemas


Gone Digital: Now What For Programming?

Moderator: David Hancock, Senior Analyst, Head of Film and Cinema, IHS Screen Digest

Topics and Presentations (to date):

“The Value Proposition for Alternative Content to the Exhibitor”-Rob Arthur, Managing Director, Apollo Cinemas

“Content is Key: Challenges of Securing Regular Content Stream”

“Wimbledon 3D and Driving Live Sports in Cinema”-Dave Cowlishaw, Head of Business Development, Digital Cinema, Sony Europe Ltd.

Now that the digital revolution has passed the mid-point numerically, it is time to speak of these issues. What expenses are ahead that will cost real money when VPF payments from the studios end? Why hasn’t Alternative Content gone any further than it has toward filling the gap in the costs of film projection v digital?

We’re not sure what to make of Wednesday’s Prioritizing Concessions in the New Digital Environment: A Panel Discussion on the creative adaptation of new space and communication that delivers profit to the bottom line. Somehow we can’t get the byte to bite calculator working, but maybe we will by the next report.


The rest of the schedule hasn’t been filled in yet. We’ll make this an Ongoing Article, adding to it as Mr. Neuhauser fills us in.

2012 Schedule of Events – CinemaCon — Celebrating the Moviegoing Experience


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