CinemaCon 2016 Schedule

CinemaCon and NAB/SMPTE Events Posted

Here are the links for the daily events of CinemaCon 2016 and the Future of Cinema SMPTE/NAB. Note that they follow each other, separated only by one day. Enjoy that Friday off~!

CinemaCon 2016 ScheduleMake sure to note that there is an International Day schedule – which is on the 11th – as well as a schedule for the day of the 11th. Don’t miss anything~!

SMPTE/NAB Future of CinemaThere is always something about the Future of Cinema Schedule – Note that if you decide that there is something that doesn’t seem interesting in the description, and you use that time to go to meet or eat – it will be THE seminar that everyone talks about for the next six months. “Hey~! Did you see the Correlative Timeshifting 4DmegaFrames per PixelSecond presentation?

Good luck with that. 

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