Technical Training for the Non-Technical – Cinema

About Course

The internet is filled with jargon and old data...and junk...and distractions. These courses are meant to train from the ground up, but only to those who are interested.


Employees in the cinema – you, that is – are expected to be responsible for the quality experience of their patrons.

A key component to responsibility is knowledge.

Whether the topic is safety or the quality of the picture and sound presentations, non-technical employees have rarely had an opportunity to grow in the field that they are surrounded by. That changes with these courses. The road to accomplishing technical judgement begins now.

What Will I Learn?

  • The ability to use tools, to check and make judgements about the quality of the audio and picture presentations and safety aspects at the facility, to communicate with patrons, and give valuable information to technical and administrative personnel about the stability or problems of their facility.

Topics for this course

17 Lessons

Artistic Intent – Why We Are Here

Artistic Intent…Protecting the Dream

Quality Management Basics

Cinema Basics – Audio

Cinema Basics – Picture

Making Measurements

Accessibility Equipment

SelfCertify Triangle

Target Audience

  • Non-Technical personnel of cinemas worldwide.