DCI Compliance–Stuck in the Projector

Doremi has done it again, this time with an IMB.

Projector manufacturers were the first to get their paperwork saying that they got through the Compliance Tests, one by one the TI OEMs. Then recently Sony managed to get the 4K and its SMS through. But since their entire assembly is one huge secure chamber, the SMS almost becomes an internal media block…which is a technicality that shouldn’t interest anyone. 

Logically, an IMB would be the next to roll-out of the Compliance Test Lab. And it was. Still, no server has been through which is an interesting political situation. If a manufacturer can get the IMB Compliant, so much of the SMS is redundant. To get it tested by both NIST and the Compliance Lab – that’s a big cost for something that is going to be outmoded in a couple years.

Still, they have come this far – but what a moving target, getting through the InterOp to SMPTE transition – when do you call it quits, shot the engineer (off to a new project) and get things tested? It would be tough to get through the tests and then find you have to make a big change somewhere. (Little changes in the code can be mutually looked at through the AskanceLensing System.) 

None of this matters to the Doremi IMB team. They got through this week. Salutations! 

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