Dolby Subtly Sings Seattle

The new Vimeo presentation, The Transformation of Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre, is 5 minutes of Chapter Headings for an unwritten series. It serves to highlight several points of technology, each that could/should be described in 30 minutes or more.

The coming CinemaCon will be one that exposes loudly some of the technology areas that were allowed to stay “under-served” in the past. Alluded to in the video is how much better a picture is when it is properly exposed and how much better audio is when not so subtle points are accommodated for.

How to extol the many virtues of doing things right without pointing out how horrid some decisions have been in the past– and not smearing anyone who didn’t have access to unavailable choices – will be interesting. It may make this one of the great CinemaCons for the technology crowd.

Hat tip to Mel Lambert for pointing out the piece.

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