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2117 Test Files 20May2020 – TIFFs

These TIFF files are the proposed set of Flat and Scope slides/drawings for use with the RP 2117 document and DCPs.

You will need a password that is being told to members of the committee. Join SMPTE and the Standards Community so you can entertain the whole family with ideas for the future of Entertainment Technology!

There are a couple of dimension drawings still to be attached. If this note disappears, that means that they are in this tar file. Send a note to [email protected] if you would like to be notified when they are added, or when the DCPs created from these are added.

Dials For Contrast – The TIFFs

The purpose of these TIFFs for Contrast is similar to the Vertical Meters for Contrast.

Can a person check the level of colors and contrast without a meter, then compare them to the readings of another day as they diminish or stay the same?

This one .tar file explodes into 32 TIFF files. There are 8 of each of R, G, B and Grey…one with and one without the meter tic marks of 6% – 0%, 4.5% – 0%,   3%% – 0%, and to test those million to one systems, 1.5% – 0%.

Let us know if we need to make more. Let us know if the meters are too light to be usable for the standard 2000:1 projector, or too bright on the 1,000,000:1 projectors.


Oh, the Passcode, as always, is: QA_b4_QC

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A dial with tic marks to find this case, green

Vertical Meters…RGBK 5 and 2.5% TIFFs

There are 3 TIFFs in this download. The first is 5 and 2.5 of each color and Grey. The 2nd is 2.5% and 1%. The third is 1 and point 1…I can’t wait to see that in a dark room with a 108 and 300 nit display system.

The original idea was to find a way that a non-technical person could look at a single file and tell whether their system has changed for the worse since the last evaluation. The problem is that a P3 system in a room with a lot of stray light may not even get a good reading with 5% bars while it will be too easy for a sophisticated room…but will Point One be useful there?

We would like to get feedback on what combination of different percentages for different colors would be best, and if you notice, which order…for example, should the grays be on the outside? …or the greens never near the blues?


Oh, the Passcode, as always, is: QA_b4_QC

(Amazing how little the compressed 8 bit PNG file below shows nothing of the nuance of what is in the 16 bit TIFF. Go for it~!

A DCP with these TIFF files are at: Vertical Meters DCP

Vertical meter of each primary color and black at 2 different luminance.