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Because it was originally marketed with the post-production-centric Digital Leader, which has the price of $2,500, it perhaps isn’t as well established in the industry. But for $100 it is a steal and should be used often and by everyone until everyone is an expert.

OK; not quite $100 you say. True. It is $100 per copy plus a $150 media charge. So, $250, or $350 for 3, etc. Except, the license allows that for a single site all copies over 5 are not charged for. In other words, there is a 5 copy per site charge, plus the media fee – total $650, then that’s it for a multiplex, even if it has 10 or 15 screens.

SMPTE Digital Leader Demonstration – YouTube

What is needed next is a checklist of questions and answers for the projectionist to run through, making sure that the presentation from the server and projector is as fine as can be.

This is where the DCinemaCompliance – Post Installation Checklist can come in handy, as well as the DCinemaTraining instruction set on how to make the checklist relevant to each of your employees.

SMPTE Releases Two New Digital-Cinema Products To Standardize Workflows, Enhance Theater-Going Experience


DProVe Flyer | SMPTE

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