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Europe Report and Conference from UNIC

UNIC – Union Internationale des Cinémas – has presented a new report titled Innovation and the Big Screen. With as many useful graphics as words, with concise summaries of the many various elements that are made possible by the rollout of digital cinema, the presentation offers an overview of the potential for, and need of, cinema(s) in the future.

UNIC Report 2017After stating that digital technology has both established unparalleled and diverse film availability to consumers at more than 38,000 member cinema screens, digital technology has also been key to the strength of VOD [among other distractions for the cinema audience], the report points out:

The role of cinemas in raising awareness around and providing access to a diverse European film offer is therefore ever more important to maintain competitiveness and diversity inEuropean cinema. UNIC data for a number of territories shows that the level of local and Europeanfilms enjoyed in cinemas has continuously increased over the past years if one takes alonger-term perspective. In this context, sup- port networks such as Europa Cinemas help maintain audience demand for non-national European titles and are the best way to promote apan-Europeean market for local films.

There are other reports available for more in-depth detail of the many interesting segments of cinemas place in the social and financial fabric. UNIC has a few, and Media Sales has kept an ongoing record of the industry.

On the other hand, this report is meant to give a full overview of the current and future well-being of cinema now that the roll-out of digital is complete. It highlights most of the many different enterprises available to commercializing that have been or shall be available to exhibition by means of digital cinema. Many have been successful, but never well integrated or well scaled. This is true throughout the world and the reasons range from corporate miscalculation to technology and standards not being quite ready…and just plain bad luck.   

The report seems to be a highlight piece for an upcoming European Parliament Conference on 8 February titled “INNOVATION AND THE BIG SCREEN – The Future of Cinema in Digital Europe“. This 3 hour panel in Bruxelles will review many of these topics, keying on growth and strategies for fostering innovation in cinema. Innovation and the Big Screen conference at the European Parliament on 8 February 2017 | UNIC

It is probably no coincidence that this report is also well timed for the Event Cinema Association event that begins tomorrow in London – ECACon 2017. The growing strengths of that organization will perhaps bring momentum through to CinemaCon and throughout the world.

Celluloid Junkie has an interview article with the principles of UNIC at: CJ + UNIC Cinema Innovation – Interview with VP European Commission Andrus Ansip and UKCA/UNIC’s Phil Clapp – Celluloid Junkie

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