Half the light at 26 degrees

Harkness At Puma

Half the light at 26 degreesFrom the press release: “…the 3D projection setup achieved the longest throw distance (using a Barco DP2K-32B projector) ever recorded at 73.6 metres (242ft) exceeding the recommended throw distance. Furthermore, the setup, which included an 18.70 x 8.45m Stagelite Stereo 3D Screen from Harkness Screens, achieved a wide-viewing angle of 60º allowing the 3D presentation to be viewed at suitable brightness levels throughout the entire seating area.”

5,920 people. 

We need to learn the lumens. We need to draw a drawing.That is a pretty wide venue. I can’t believe Viewing Angle for Stagelite Stereo–How the Light Falls Off

A shot of how wide the PULA site is

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