HDR Explained Expertly

HDR Explained – for the rest of us…

From the cinema exhibition view, it is getting more difficult to explain why the big screen pictures are a better quality experience for watching movies than the experience at home. The industry has never done well at explaining the differences, so it is nice to see a good attempt to explain the groundwork of what is obviously coming. One remembers the 2007 NAB/SMPTE Digital Cinema Summit when Chris Cookson, then chief technology officer for Warner Bros. explained why at all costs producers should insist on 4K deliverables if they had any respect for their future library.

In this case, the potential for getting HDR to the home is now here. With all the 4K televisions walking out of CostCo and BestBuy, and more data streaming into people’s home, it has a chance. We will see what CinemaCon brings this spring…perhaps the tech won’t embarrass us like it did last year.

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