HP: Cleaning up IT’s dirty little secret

[Editor’s Note: There really isn’t much more to this article of interest, unless you enjoy reading a pantheon to HP in disguise of a news story. I just thought that these first percentages were thought provoking. The article goes on for pages, and you can read it at:
IT PRO | HP: cleaning up IT’s dirty little secret
By Matt Chapman, 13 Oct 2009 at 18:30  [End Editor’s note.]


Such an alarming figure isn’t going unchecked by an industry that now finds itself fighting to conserve materials, improve efficiency and recycle more of its products.

“People totally underestimate the amount this industry invests in research and development pushing the boundaries forward. You’ve only really got to look back a few years and see just how fast we’re printing now and how much the quality has ramped up in such a short period of time. The amount of investment that’s gone on there is staggering,” says Peter Mayhew, director at Lyra Research.

“It’s inevitable you now see that coming out through environmental initiatives.”

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