IBC 2012 Tools and Tips

The 2nd issue that I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to be trustworthy yet. Besides being slow, it has wrong data. The first event that I checked – the EDCF D-Cinema Update Conference Event – shows correctly on 11 September, but doesn’t show the correct time. It shows 11AM instead of the 10AM time that the IBC site shows. It also doesn’t say where, which the online listing shows. [Room E102]

I very directly asked John Graham, General Secratary of the EDCF, about the rumor that I started which speculates that the Sunday 11AM conference on Future Projection Technologies will be all about Higgs Boson technologies and their application to Digital Cinema.

He says that he can’t announce anything in advance of the conferences.

Both the D-Cinema Update and the Future Projection Tech are free, and both are worth a fortune.

The Conference link is:

IBC2012 – Target specific areas of interest and build your own programme.

Flying into Schiphol Airport is usually pretty easy. Walking out of the customs area there are a couple rings of shops. In the past there has been an IBC welcome table where one can get their travel passes…but the travel pass is not good for the train to the RAI. The penalty for not having a ticket on the train is 35€.

There is also a bus to the RAI. I haven’t taken it and don’t know where the platform is. But the nice thing about the train is that for 3 euros it takes 10 minutes every time. Traffic can make a car or buss ride take 30 minutes.

One can go to the yellow kiosks to buy the train ticket…it isn’t obvious though…why not just select “R” and navigate to: RAI Station? Because the machine thinks of it as Amsterdam RAI…selected under the “A”.

Can you get a ticket with an out of country credit card. Sometimes, though sometimes I have seen people with English cards fail, and I have had problems with my French cards. Carry a few euros is the safe bet. And, definitely, American credit cards won’t work.

This will be an ongoing article with updates…there is still the announcements about the movies to come and most of the cool conference info is obscure…thanks be to the holy pizza that it doesn’t seem to be 3D HFR all the time.

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