[Update] iPhones and Flash – Urgent Updates

25 Feb–OSX Security Update Available…do it now.  [End Update]

Did you update your Flash at the last emergency? when was that…ah~! less than 3 weeks ago.

The emergencies never cease for this decaying corpse. It is possible to live without Flash. Standards exist and are being implemented. It does not belong on your work systems, period. Adobe, Microsoft Push Fixes For 0-Day Threats — Krebs on Security

Meanwhile, on the Apple front.

DCinema is full of encrypted data, and it was in this arena that the iPhone had a flaw. It is suspected that the Mac OS has a similar flaw. Some wonder whether this has been an intentionally placed back-door, but there is no evidence of that. There is a lesson though: Code must be tested publicly. SSL flaws have been written about for the last few years, even on an amateur site like this one.

iOS Update Quashes Dangerous SSL Bug — Krebs on Security

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