Laser Light Engines Addresses Maturing Market

Replacing the Xenon bulb with laser light via fibre to the projector head has made a few more advances and stumbles in the last 6 months. The requirement of screen shakers to avoid speckle took a dramatic hit this week (is moving standing waves an oxymoron? what if they are multi-colored?), even though high brightness 3D was seen by many and lauded at the same time.

As the industry matures to this obvious point, Bill Beck from Laser Light Engines has continued his educate motif and this week gave a presentation that changed from merely explaining important issues like why picking the correct laser primaries will affect efficiency (read: costs) to “Let’s ask the Right Questions”. Since this is CinemaCon week and there is no time to iterate on the nuance in these slides, we’ll just post them as a PDF, then write another more detailed article next week.

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