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Originally published as: Laser Light Engines Hires Industry Veteran Doug Darrow as CEO | Business Wire
October 26, 2009 08:00 AM Eastern Time  


“Doug’s experience developing the Digital Cinema market is unparalleled,” said Jiong Ma, principal, Braemar Energy Ventures, and director of Laser Light Engines. “His leadership will be invaluable to the continued progress of Laser Light Engines.”

Mr. Darrow succeeds Bill Beck, Laser Light Engines’ co-founder, who will remain active in the company as executive vice president, business development. “We started Laser Light Engines two years ago to bring the benefits of high brightness, energy efficient solid-state laser illumination to Digital Cinema and other large scale projection applications. Having demonstrated our technology, it is now time to drive commercialization and widespread adoption,” said Mr. Beck. “We are all very pleased to have one of the most experienced players in the industry to lead the next phase of the company’s growth.”

Laser Light Engines combines advanced laser technology with high volume manufacturing processes to provide high brightness, energy efficient, long lifetime, color-controllable light sources for demanding illumination applications worldwide. The company is developing solid-state light sources for 2D and 3D Digital Cinema and other large venue projectors. Laser Light Engines will produce light sources that have three to five times the brightness, 100 times the life and half the power consumption of arc lamps, the incumbent technology. The company will manufacture a light source module that can be incorporated into a standard Digital Cinema or advertising projection system.

“I am very excited to be joining the Laser Light Engines team and look forward to bringing high brightness laser engines into the market,” said Mr. Darrow. “These innovative solutions have many advantages that promise to revolutionize large screen applications.”

Prior to joining Laser Light Engines, Mr. Darrow spent twenty-three years with Texas Instruments. His most recent role was in the DLP Cinema® Products Division where he led all marketing for the division, as well as its effort to develop break-though solutions for Digital Cinema. He played a key role in changing the entertainment industry, driving digital movie distribution and transitioning the theatrical industry away from its 100-year old film format. A leading expert on the future of movie distribution and 3D, Mr. Darrow has been a featured panel member at CES 2009, a keynote speaker at 2008’s ShoWest and a recipient of that event’s “Digital Cinema Pioneer Award.”

Laser Light Engines’ investors include Braemar Energy Ventures and Harris & Harris Group.

About Laser Light Engines

Laser Light Engines designs, develops and manufactures OEM laser-driven light engines that enable broad new product categories. The company’s advanced solid state lighting combines advanced laser technology with high volume manufacturing processes to provide high brightness, long lifetime, energy efficient, and color controllable light engines for demanding illumination applications worldwide.

Laser Light Engines was recently named to the 2009 AlwaysOn OnHollywood Top 100 Private Companies list, which honors the best up and coming companies in digital media and entertainment.


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