Manice Goes English

They don’t seem to have an RSS feed yet, but when they do we will let you know, and add a stream to our new sources on the right side of the front page.

Ollivier Hillaire, publisher and editor of the sites, has great contacts in the field of digital cinema from the early days. It is good to see him continuing and expanding his success.

This comes on the heels of another EU DCinema news site converting its data to English, Frank de Neeve’s Cineserver | Digital Cinema Deciphered site from the Netherlands (or Pays Bas as long as we are in the French motif.)

The EU has many of the same, yet many different problems that can’t be solved in the same manner that integrators and exhibitors have done so in the US. Brining understanding to the client has a long-term goal of both of these respected entrepreneurs.

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