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There is a downloadable pdf file of these slides at the HPA Site.

You can also see and hear Mark giving a very similar presentation to the Toronto SMPTE section in December: Arias and Acquisition – a two-part evening with Mark Schubin.

If you are an EDCF member, you can pull a copy of the Alternative Content Guide in pdf format from the members section. This is the link for the EDCF Site

As well as being a television engineer and historian, Mark has a number of well regarded writings available on the internet. The Schubin Chronicles were written observations from a perspective of a New Yorker after the towers fell in November of 2001. You can see his listing here. There is a 2005 HDTV Magazine Interview that holds up real well.

A number of decades ago your author was privileged to work in a studio with a trés drôle and class act recording producer named John Boylan. As people are wont to do, he had stolen the front receptionists desk to take a phone call, and there he doodled a ToDo List:

  • Go to Studio
  • Make Hit Record
  • Go Home for Lunch
  • Noodle the ol’ lady
  • Go back to studio 
  • Make another hit record
  • Repeat and Fade

 Mark Schbin, equally clever, generous and a class act, shared his ToDo list from one of his weeks during an opera:

  • 16 transponders on 13 satellites as well as three transoceanic fiber cables
  • multiple motion-compensating HD frame-rate converters
  • one-hour HD delays to compensate for the different starts of Summer Time in North America and Europe
  • 14 HD cameras and 30 recorders
  • five robotic mounts, including two extendable towers and a track, all of which had to be deployed in minutes
  • a 600-foot live, backwards Steadicam move (ending at a live burro)
  • shooting multicamera live in the control room itself (one intermission was shot live in five different venues)
  • live subtitling in multiple languages
  • stereo, 5.1, and LT/RT sound, discrete and encoded
  • coordinating live commercial U.S. radio, non-commercial U.S. radio, global  radio, and the HD cinemacasts, all of which sometimes share and sometimes use different production elements
  • coordinating the parking of production vehicles on three Manhattan blocks with the fire department, the police, and local security
  • Wheeee!

And, as Mark always seems to close, TTFN

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