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Myself, I’m waiting for Harry Potter 7 Part 1 in 3D.

Each of the films had their own success at the box officer for the past three years, but now AMC Theatres is bringing back the blockbuster hits Inception, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and the sequel Fast Five to IMAX screens for just one week. The screenings are part of IMAX Big Movie Week which will take place between Friday, September 30th and Thursday, October 6th. The good news is, rather than paying full ticket price for these films heading back to IMAX theaters, you only have to pay $7.00 for a ticket this time. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal for anyone who might have missed seeing these flicks on the really big screen.

Head on over to AMC Theatres’ official website for the event to find their closest IMAX theater and buy tickets for one of these special re-releases. While I wasn’t a big fan of Fast Five, even within the context of the over-the-stop action franchise itself, I will say that seeing Inception and Star Trek on an IMAX screen is certainly worth it. While neither of the films had sequences shot in IMAX, they still look spectacular and the sound system in these theaters is just incredible. So if there’s nothing hitting the box office this weekend that interests you (though you should see 50/50), then this might be the event for you.



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