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OpenSource – 20 Years Young!

 Key Activities: 

1. Celebrate the 20t h Anniversary of Open Source Software
[ Multiple locations globally, throughout 2018 ]
Commemorate the success of open source and the Open Source Initiative’s role in building awareness, adoption and communities over 20 years.
2. Share Your Open Source Success Story
[ Online via, throughout 2018]
Highlight the significant accomplishments and contributions that have made open source software a valued asset and community for your organization.
3. Join the OpenSource.Net Community
[ Online via, in 2018 & ongoing]
Connect with a global network of highly qualified peers to exchange ideas and create solutions. Your experience and leadership will help build the “next 20 years” of open source.
Open Source Software — yes, in fact we did coin the term, and started the movement — is now ubiquitous, recognized across industries as a fundamental component to infrastructure, as well as a critical factor for driving innovation. But it wasn’t always so…
The “open source” label was created at a strategy session held on February 3rd, 1998 in Palo Alto, California. That same month, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) was founded as a general educational and advocacy organization to raise awareness and adoption for the superiority of an open development process. One of the first tasks undertaken by OSI was to draft the Open Source Definition (OSD). Till this day, the OSD is considered a gold standard of open-source licensing.
Although adoption of the term “Open Source” had support from many, including the founders of Linux, Sendmail, Perl, Python, Apache, and representatives from the Internet Engineering Task Force, and Internet Software Consortium, interest in the late 90’s from industry was… well, less than enthusiastic.
The OSI’s focus for the past 20 years has been to address open source F.U.D., while promoting best practices in community, collaboration, and co-creation. Now that so many agree “Open Source has Won,” we think we’ve been successful.
More importantly to recognize at this point in our shared history is the remarkable success of the open source software movement, and the inspiring fellowship of developers, maintainers, businesses and communities engaged in innovative efforts across so many technology sectors, supporting just about every company and community.
Our 20th Anniversary is a celebration of the open source software movement itself. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the code and communities.

Celebrate the 20t h Anniversary of Open Source Software
The 20th anniversary of open source is a huge milestone impacting the global tech community. Celebrations will be held worldwide in conjunction with the leading open source conferences.
January February
March April June
July August October
November December (Sydney, Australia)
Open Source Initiative’s Birthday (February 3rd)
FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium) Campus Party (São Paulo, Brazil)
Open Source Leadership Summit (Sonoma Valley, CA) FOSSASIA Summit (Singapore)
SCALE 16x (Pasadena, CA)
ACT-W National Conference (Phoenix, AZ) Open Tech Summit China (Beijing, China) LinuxFest Northwest (Bellingham, Washington)
Open Apereo (Montreal, QC, Canada) OpenExpo Europe (Madrid, Spain) Texas LinuxFest (Austin, TX)
OSCON (Portland, OR)
Open Source Summit North America (Vancouver, Canada)
All Things Open (Raleigh, NC)
Open Source Summit Europe (Edinburgh, UK)
Open Camp (New York, NY)
China Open Source Conference (Shanghai, China)
Paris Open Source Summit (Paris, France)

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