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OK; So, he is my nephew. OK; So it is not digital cinema. Still…for fun…



Silver Halide C-Print

Limited Edition of 450 + 10 Artist Proofs

This is the first 4-to-1 ratio image to my Limited Edition Collection.  I wanted to make an image that had this long compositional shape, and found the perfect foundation in this film.  Captured with a Linhof Technorama, a specialized panoramic camera, the film is 6x17cm and allows for excellent image quality to the largest of sizes.

This shape piece can work well in problematic wall spots in your home that require long and skinny compositions, or in those most popular spots above sofas, beds, fireplace mantles, dining room walls and even hallways.  

The image draws you in to explore closer.  The eye wants to explore the scene, the falling water and misty rocks and moss.  The piece can work as a tool for meditation, or simply an element of design – introducing a peaceful water element to a space.  The colors aren’t so bold as to conflict with surrounding colors, but strong enough to be visually stunning.

Now, for the Sizing and Pricing:

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