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RED Studios Hollywood Announced

RED Studios Hollywood LogoIn a surprise move, RED announced that they have purchased the property formally known as Ren-Mar Studios (Website History Page) and have (will?) renamed it as RED Studios Hollywood.

Jim Jannard says, “There are 5 stages at RED Studios Hollywood. RED will take one for demos, etc. and the others will remain as working stages for various productions.” And to the question of, “Why RED Studios Hollywood. Why not just RED Studios. Are you suggestiong more acquisitions in the future?” he answers, “So as not to confuse with RED Ranch in Las Vegas.”

The RED Ranch in Las Vegas was announced last year. Current news is that the site has yet to be built upon, but that doens’t mean that work isn’t being done on the design and permitting side.

Meanwhile, the famous lot that was at one time the DesiLu Studios at 846 N Cahuenga Blvd, and which has long been used for everything from movies to TV shows to music videos and band rehearsals, appears to be on its way to being a showcase for the new line of RED cameras, while generating income as a normal lot.

The Lake Forrest facility that now manufactures and repairs the RED cameras will also remain open.

Here is a link to the property map

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