Sherrie Rabinowitz Search for VHS/S-VHS and Video8/Hi-8 machines

Mark Schubin requests:

Sherrie Rabinowitz, who, with her artistic and life partner Kit Galloway, pioneered telecommunications art — satellite, phone, and more — for decades, recently died after a very long illness.  I worked with them in the late 1970s and in 1980 on a project that was titled “Hole in Space,” connecting a window in New York to one in Los Angeles via satellite.  They later created Electronic Cafe International, promoting low-cost videoconferencing.

Sherrie’s illness was so long that many of their friends, colleagues, and neighbors, as Kit puts it, “only know Sherrie as the invalid lady.”  He’d like to put together something to “remind others that Sherrie was an inspiring intellect and personality that prompted her many friends to nickname her ‘Witz,’ and no one [who saw her before the illness] could forget her eye-catching beauty.”

Kit has VHS/S-VHS and Video8/Hi-8 tapes of Sherrie at their home/arts center in Santa Monica, California but nothing working on which to play them.  Can you help?  Do you have equipment that might play the tapes?  Do you have suggestions of machines that I might buy to help them out?

Any assistance you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated.  You may contact me or, if you’d rather, contact Kit directly at  [email protected].

Many thanks!


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