Sony Solves Caption Glasses

Sony developing ‘subtitle glasses’ for cinema use | News | TechRadar UK
Deaf film lovers rejoice

[Your editor saw these at CinemaCon and was very impressed.]

“What we do is put the closed captions or the subtitles onto the screen of the glasses so it’s super-imposed on the cinema screen, so it looks like the actual subtitles are on the cinema screen,” explains Sony Digital Cinema, Tim Potter.


What’s more, Sony reckons the glasses could hit UK cinemas in early 2012, although it’s not clear how well – if at all – the specs would work with a 3D film. [Clip-on glasses have been mentioned. – ED]

Sony is eyeing future possibilities for its glasses tech too – like simultaneous conversation transcription so that deaf people could read what’s being said to them during the course of a conversation.

From the BBC