The death of film need not be the death of the cinema.

So begins Harry Mathias’ latest book, The Death & Rebirth of Cinema: MASTERING THE ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY IN THE DIGITAL CINEMA AGE. Here is the link at Harry Mathias, but once you get to Amazon you can do the google thing and find other less monolithic places to buy from. 

Many universities are using this book, from UCLA and USC, to Baylor and the facility he teaches at, San Jose State University. Graciously transmit and extremely knowledgeable are the first two thoughts that get attributed to Harry. It’s great to see the respect that his forth book is getting.

Side note: Speaking of training, I can’t get enough of – everything on the site is well researched and interesting. I’m sure Harry won’t mind your putting his book down for a few minutes between chapters to enjoy a video or two.

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