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The Hugh Heinsohn Report

Net Insight: South Hall, Upper Level, Stand SU1000. Net Insight has built its reputation around the world by developing and deploying systems that enable broadcasters, production companies, post-production houses, cable systems, and IPTV services to deliver perfect pictures and sound over telecommunications networks. Net Insight’s platform supports both IP and SONET networks and provides 100% guaranteed Quality of Service with extremely high (98+%!) bandwidth utilization. They are introducing a new set of high capacity IP modules for their Nimbra platform this year that let broadcasters transport 1080p video (and any format using less bandwidth) over IP networks. 


Edgeware: Central Hall, Stand C1657. Edgeware makes a really interesting flash memory-based VOD server for enterprise IT, IPTV and cable applications. They’ll be showing a revolutionary new server that dramatically reduces co-location, power and rack space costs for CDNs and service providers by as much as 90% when compared to nearest competition. The Edgeware servers are truly unique and they are rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the world in major deployments. 


Image Systems: South Hall, Lower Level, Stand SL7713. Image Systems will be exhibiting in the Photo-Sonics stand. They have a really interesting new 2K/4K film scanner called the GoldenEye. It’s small, economical and handles 16mm and 35mm film. The scanner uses a capstan-based movement, which results in less wear of the film and perforations and allows the scanner to handle archive film that may have shrunk or have damaged perforations.


Cobalt Digital: North Hall, Stand N3718. Cobalt makes an excellent line of conversion products. Their new line of OpenGear products are compatible with OpenGear frames and modules from other manufacturers. Cobalt produces some of the highest quality equipment on the show floor – stuff you can really count on. They have an incredibly comprehensive line, including UDC conversion, color correction, frame sync, audio embedding/de-embedding, audio delay, Dolby® decoding, and remote control panel operation.

Hugh R Heinsohn is founder of LLC, a broadcast-centric, entertainment technologies marketing/implementation and consulting group. Hugh says that he can be followed on Twitter, which is something my mother warned me about…but which a lot of people swear by: Follow me on Twitter

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