Upgrade Firefox 3.5.4 and Reader 9.2

The latest upgrade to Firefox, dated 27 October, in particular for the Mac 3.5.4, has 6 “Critical Vulnerabilitioes” listed sine the September 3.5.3 update – See: Security Advisories for Firefox 3.5 – This rounds out to 25 Critical fixes since the June release of 3.5

Should you update? No question. Just look at the definition of Critical – Vulnerability can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.

There will be confusion by those who have heard that there is a new release that is a beta. Do not be confused. A beta of 3.6 is iminent – it was expected on the 28th, but has been delayed.


Reader Update: 2 weeks ago Adobe Reader was upgraded to 9.2 – This release of Reader is mandatory as well. 9.1 was plagued with vulnerabilities and required many updates to stay current and secure. It is best that you and that everyone you know is upgraded.

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