Urgent Adobe PDF Reader Alert – UPDATE NOW

This week, Adobe announced a new Security Update and said that they were going to go on a cycle of releasing upgrades on a 3 month cycle, similar to the dates that Microsoft uses for their monthly security patches.

Adobe reiterated that users must look to anti-virus programs for protection.

What are the problems and what does it mean to you?

Obviously, it is common to receive pdf files. What isn’t well understood is that withing the file there can be executable code. That would be fine if it were only multimedia files. But hackers have figured out how to put trojans and viruses into the pdf…which can execute as you read.

These trojans might do nothing obvious, but they could sit in the background collecting data? They might hang out until they decide that circumstances are ripe for spreading onto your network.

SOLUTION: Stop reading this article and upgrade every single copy of Reader on every computer you can get your hands on.

Click here to<a href=”http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb09-03.html” > download the Adobe update</a>.

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