Calendar dates of SMPTE during NAB and CinemaCon

Vegas 2013 SMPTE/NAB CinemaCon

Calendar dates of SMPTE during NAB and CinemaCon

It happens again this year before switching back next year…CinemaCon immediately follows NAB in Vegas. This means that those who want to attend the SMTPE weekend, filled with more data than one can predict, but not NAB, and also attend CinemaCon, that there is a week in the middle.

Last year this was filled with a near-perfect EDCF bus tour arranged by Thomas MacCalla. From sound systems to important post houses (and who’ll forget being the first riders on the Universal Studios Transformers ride, or equally exciting, spending time talking with Laser Light Engines’ Bill Beck after the successful SMPTE showing of a laser driven Sony projector, and exchanging ideas with all the other european experts), the yearly bustour was yet again perhaps the highlight of the two weeks.

So what will it be in 2013? Can SMPTE out-do themselves…Can Nick Mitchell of Technicolor take the Marvin Hall Award for Telling Us What We Don’t Want to Hear again? Will there be another mis-named presentation that everyone complains for missing (what is white, really?) Will RealD demonstrat what they merely talk about at this coming SMPTE Hollywood Expo?

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