Visions of NAB Past…About the Future

Coming out of the great film to digital transition, it was a great convocation for looking at nuance not heretofore discussed. There are a great number of ‘casts on important topics dealing in the future of DCinema. Of course, as a SMPTE member of several committees, I can’t tell you whether we all know about these things already. But they are important nonetheless:

NAB2014’s single most important message to exhibitors

Out of all the activity at NAB2014, there is one presentation that stands out to Cinema Exhibitors.  John Hurst, the father of the software that goes into the making of every bit of DCI equipment presented a panel discussing the problems exhibitors are facing and how it is effecting the whole industry.  How not moving forward with upgrades is costing you money as new features are failing to reach critical mass.  An example of this is TKR (Theatre Key Retrieval) an automated system that would remove the need for dealing with KDMs/Emails. (Email me if you would like more videos covering these new technologies.)

If you own a cinema, this set of videos are a must watch.

NAB 2014 – 22 – Looking Forward – Intro and Overview – John Hurst
NAB 2014 – 23 – Looking Forward – Panel – Mastering houses are front line to problems
NAB 2014 – 24 – Looking Forward – Panel – Why won’t cinemas upgrade
NAB 2014 – 25 – Looking Forward – Panel – What we miss out on by not upgrading
NAB 2014 – 26 – Looking Forward – Panel – Is this harder than it should be and 3D subtitles
NAB 2014 – 27 – Looking Forward – Panel – Q1, Software based Players Not Secure
NAB 2014 – 28 – Looking Forward – Panel – Q2, We NEED a deadline for upgrades
NAB 2014 – 29 – Looking Forward – Panel – Q3, What happened to TKR(Theatre Key Retrieval) and FLMx
NAB 2014 – 30 – Looking Forward – Panel – Q4, How to fix motivation for upgrading
NAB 2014 – 31 – Looking Forward – Panel – Q5, Content Marking Issues
NAB 2014 – 32 – Looking Forward – Panel – Is 2 years long enough to expect upgrades? Not 10+ years

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