Wow~! Agok Again

since they really needed to continue the digital cinema roll-out at CGR Cinémas in France. For a few months they had been stuck at a little over 100 (the press release says 125). One has suspected that they were left without a paddle by one of the big-shot banks which had gotten their wings clipped. (For some reason, they didn’t send out a press release about it.) But now they are saying that they have 20 million euros for completion.

20 million euros~!~!~! 300 systems~!~!~! Yet again, I am agok. The Arts Alliance Press Release went on and on about everything, but didn’t do the math. Let’s see. 20 million divided by 300 is 66,666. That is astoundingly close to the 65,000 per system that Cinedigm put forth in their press release last month as well. Except, of course, that the euro and the dollar are not trading at parity. Can that be the new cost/system number? Did we miss that press release…seems so recent that it was still over 100,000 per system.

(One hears that the Cinedigm financing came from vendors…one vendor? multiple? so, is the 9 million in trade and no cash? Who can tell? Please do~!)

Great. More research projects. Where are the products made and shipped from? Would that make a significant difference in the integrators price? Do EU taxes plus shipping make up for the difference? More on this later.

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